The 3 Driving Tests You Must Pass Before Getting a Driver's Licence in Australia

20 July 2017
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Taking driving lessons is the first step towards learning how to drive, but passing a driving test is what gets one a driver's licence. People who are eligible to apply for a driver's licence in Australia must pass three types of driving tests before they can be issued with the licence. Here is a look at what those tests are.

Knowledge Test

Without road traffic rules, road signs, and driving safety regulations, there would be total mayhem on public roads. Road traffic rules, signage and safety regulations are all designed to ensure safety and to maintain a sense of sanity on public roads by ensuring that each driver knows what they are supposed to do while they are driving. Knowledge tests are meant to gauge just how well would-be drivers know about these rules, signs and safety regulations, and are the first test that novice drivers have to pass. 

Be sure to carefully read and understand the manual of the particular type of driver's licence you are testing for before taking the knowledge test. This way, you can increase your chances of passing the test so you don't have to wait to retake it. 

Eyesight Test

Driving requires individuals to use their eyesight, and good vision is key to ensuring safe driving. Visual impairment can inhibit a driver's ability to read road signs and see oncoming motorists. That explains why it's the necessary to perform an eyesight driving test. When drivers undergo an eyesight test, their visual capabilities will be assessed to determine if they meet the required standards of vision.

Practical Test

As the name suggests, it is a practical test that has to be taken with the driver behind the wheels and a test instructor present in the vehicle to assess the actual driving skills of the driver. To pass this test, driver's need to have a good understanding of road traffic rules, signage and safety regulations, as well as good eyesight. That explains why it is the third and final test that you will need to pass before you can be issued with a driver's licence.

In Australia, driver's licences are generally issued by the local transport authority or department of the state or territory where the applicant resides, but the licences are valid throughout the country. Therefore, you won't have to go through the trouble of getting another licence when you need to drive outside your state or territory.